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Hexagon Project Holder

Updated: Jun 4

Its nice to have a special project holder for each project you have so that all your project supplies can stay together and also be portable! This is an easy project as it uses Plastic Zip Lock Bags as inside storage pockets.

free bag pattern

To make this project holder you will need the following;

2 Rectangles 11 x 12 inches for the outside of the project holder

2 Rectangles 11 x 12 inches for the inside of the project holder

1 Rectangle 11 x 14 inches for the outside pocket

2 Rectangles 11 x 12 inches iron on pellon

5 Large Sandwich size Zip Lock Plastic Bags 22 x 22.5cm

1 Pre-made Hexagon Flower for decorating the front of the project holder

Heavy Duty Snaps or Magnetic Clips or Press Stud

2 Rectangles 4 x 19.5 inches for handles or Pre-Made Bag Handles/strapping

free bag pattern

Step 1 - Prepare the Outside Fabric

Iron the pellon to the wrong side of the fabric you have chosen for outside the project holder. You need a front and a back.

Step 2 - Make the Outside of the Bag

Iron the outside pocket in half wrong side together to make a rectangle 11 x 7 inches

Line up the raw edges with the bottom of the back piece.

Sew down the pocket to create smaller pockets. The picture shows the pocket sizes.

I have suggested sizes but you can make your own pocket sizes.

Sew down the pocket 2.5 inches from left edge, then3.5 inches and last pocket will be 5 inches

Place the the front and back rectangles right sides together and sew along the bottom edge

using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Step 3 - Make the Handles

To make fabric handles fold and press each 4 x 19 inch rectangle in half wrong side together along length of strip to mark a centre line. Open out.

Fold outside edges into middle of the fold and press.

Fold strip in half lengthways. The raw edges are now tucked into the middle of the strip.

Makes a 1 x 19 inch handle. Make 2 handles.

Top Stich along each edge of the handles

Pin the handles to the front and back piece 2 inches from the edge. I used strapping I had left over from another project instead of fabric handles.

Stitch in place using a smaller than 1/4 inch seam

free bag pattern

Make your hexagon flower. Press. Remove the papers. To make a hexagon flower refer to the Free Mystery Quilt for directions

Glue or pin the hexagon flower to the front of the bag. Sew in place.

free bag pattern

Step 4 - Make the inside

Place an inside rectangle right side up with the 11 inches across and 12 inches down

Place the zip lock bags on top lining up the bottom of the zip lock bag along the 11 inch edge.

Use sticky tape to hold down each bag as you line up each bag. Place the tape on the sides to stop the bags from moving.

Place some quilting clips to hold the bags in place.

Stitch the bags in place using a 1/4 inch seam

Place the other rectangle on top right sides together and sew with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Step 5 - Putting the Pieces Together

Place the outside and inside pieces right sides together. Make sure the handles are on the inside between the fabrics.

Sew around all sides leaving a 4 inch opening on one of the sides

Clip the corners

free bag pattern

Turn the bag right side out through the opening. Use a point turner to push out each corner.

The bag will need to be pressed so be careful not to iron near the plastic bags.

Step 6 - Bag Closure

Attach Snaps, Magnetic Clips or Press Stud

Sew the opening closed with a ladder stitch

I used 2 Heavy Duty Snaps to close my bag following the instructions on the packaging.

Step 6 - Fill your bag with all your supplies

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