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Hand-Made Quilts

It's time for us to say good-bye and to give a new home to some of our favourite quilts we've made for our shop.
A selection of our lovely hand-made display quilts are now available for purchase in store only!
We hope that they can bring warmth and joy to someone else as all quilts should.

All of our quilts are made by hand and quilted by Jemima's Creative Quilting!

Our quilts are available for purchase in store.

If you would like a quilt shipped to you, please contact us through email or by phone!

Shipping costs additional. Sizes are approximate.

Little Patchwork Village

44 x 44 inches      $350

Hearts Braid

55 x 55 inches      $300

Teddy Bear Tea Party

40 x 50 inches      $350

Ribbon Quilt

62 x 54 inches      $320

Diamond Cakes

57 x 60 inches      $300


90 x 88 inches      $580


65 x 58 inches      $300

Applique Flowers

57 x 57 inches      $400

Sweet Sentiments

42 x 43 inches      $350

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