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Moda wool scrap bags

Wool Scrap Bags Moda

SKU: 752106302433

Wool Scrap Bags

  • Description

    Fabric Manufacturer - Moda Fabrics


    Approximately 1/2 pound of wool scraps from the Moda Fabrics Wool ranges.


    Each bag is different and wool fabric colours and designs are random, pictures shown are an indication only.


    Wool pieces range in size from 2 to 4 inches wide and approximately 5 inches long although this could vary.


    These scrap bags are perfect for wool applique projects

  • Product Information


    Felted Wool is a woven textile. There is thread and weaving involved. Like wool felt, it originates as wool roving, but the roving is spun into thread after being cleaned and carded. This thread is then woven into wool cloth, which is washed in hot water and dried on high heat to emulate the “add heat, moisture and agitation” process used to make wool felt. This process turns wool fabric into felted wool.

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