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Wonderfil Rayon Thread Theme Packs

Wonderfil Rayon Thread Theme Packs

  • Description

    Wonderfil have selected some beautiful coloured Rayon Threads and put them together in special THEMES.


    This 40wt rayon thread has a luxuriously soft and silky finish that gives your projects a glorious sheen and drapability. Splendor is a versatile thread that can be used for machine embroidery, quilting, thread painting, and any kind of decorative stitching.


    Each theme contains 10 x 150m reels

    Image 1 - Wildlife

    Image 2 - Brights

    Image 3 - Pastels

    Image 4 - Easter Egg


    The Easter Egg Theme pack also contains some reels with Spotlite thread.  This 40wt rayon core metallic thread! Soft, smooth running, and less prone to shedding and thread breakage, Spotlite is a brilliant and dynamic thread that is great for anything from machine embroidery to decorative stitches and even quilting. 

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