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Eleganza #8 Perle Cotton Coral Reef Box Set

Wonderfil Eleganza #8 Perle Cotton Coral Reef Box Set

SKU: eleganzathreadpack-coralreef

Pack of 12 Balls

Out of Stock
  • Description

    Wonderfil Eleganza Coral Reef Thread Pack

    This is an 8wt, 2-ply 100% long staple Egyptian cotton thread. 


    Eleganza™ is now available in lovely packs for those who are looking for a great starter set or gift idea! This pack comes with 12 of 5g (38m, 42yd)

    Eleganza balls. 

    The smooth and lustrous thread glides beautifully through all types of fabrics and fibres, and is perfect for wool appliqué, hand embroidery, sashiko, crochet, knitting, and crafts.

  • Pack Colours

    Size: 12 x 5g balls (42yd)

    Weight #8


    Colours in the Pack

    EL5G-810 Rainforest Pool
    EL5G-722 River Stone
    EL5G-716 Mountain Lake
    EL5G-734 Denim
    EL5G-506 Baubles
    EL5G-32 Olive
    EL5G-146 Tart Capers
    EL5G-922 Coral
    EL5G-206 Plump Pumpkin
    EL5G-126 Sandstone
    EL5G-904 Cat's Cream
    EL5G-4 Chiseled Slate

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