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The Bottom Line Thread 649 Dark Grey Superior Threads

The Bottom Line Thread 649 Dark Grey

SKU: BLT-649

Machine and Hand Sewing threads.

  • Description

    The Bottom Line Superior Threads

    By Libby Lehman


    Designed for applique, bobbin thread, and quilting.

    The Bottom Line makes a fantastic bobbin thread for any type of sewing. Its lightweight, blending colors are easily matched with any top thread. 

    Invisible applique and binding is a breeze with Bottom Line as it glides through layers of fabric.

    The Bottom Line Thread is strong and smooth, creating perfect small stitches and withstands the dragging across the paper pieces when English Paper Piecing.


    1420 yds/ 1298 mts spools.

    60 wt./2ply  polyester.

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