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Sunshine & Lollipops Quilt Applique Pack

Sunshine & Lollipops Quilt Applique Packs

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    Sunshine & Lollipops Applique Packs


    Option 1 A Custom Applique Paper Template Pack.

    This includes one of each applique shape precision cut from HNK applique paper - iron-on/leave in paper that makes for perfect and achievable results.

    No tracing, no cutting, no template plastic, no needleturning edges to a marked line. The simplest way to applique. Some of the applique shapes in the Sunshine & Lollipops Quilt are quite small or thin and tricky so beginners especially will gain great assistance with a precision cut template pack.


    Option 2 A Custom Applique Paper EPP pack

    This pack includes all of the triangles and circles used in the full project. It includes circles to use behind completed stitcheries also making it simpler to perfectly turn the edges to achieve smooth circles to then applique onto the blocks by hand or machine.


    Note: we have called it the EPP pack but the method is not really EPP - as the covered template shapes are not stitched together like EPP - just appliqued onto the backgrounds individually.

    Acrylic templates are not included as they are not required - The papers fuse onto the fabrics and the fabric can just be cut out with scissors or rotary cutter.


    This pack includes:

    • 1" circles x 42
    • 2" circles x 5
    • 2.25" circles x 5
    • 3" circles x 9
    • 5" circles x 4
    • 7.5" circles x 3
    • 3.25" large border triangles x 72
    • 19 small isosceles triangles


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