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Summer Fiesta Quilt Pattern

Summer Fiesta Quilt Pattern

SKU: JCQSummerfiesta-patt

Quilt pattern

  • Description

    Quilt Size:190 x 190 cm (74.5x 74.5 inches)


    Fabric Requirements

    Fabric A  40cm Orange Floral                                   

    Fabric B  50cm Orange Dandelion

    Fabric C  20cm Orange Buttercups                           

    Fabric D  40cm Cream Berries    

    Fabric E  40cm Cream Posies                                    

    Fabric F  40cm Cream Zig Zag    

    Fabric G  60cm Red Berries                             

    Fabric H  20cm Blue Blossoms     

    Fabric I  50cm Blue Posies                                

    Fabric J  20cm Green Dandelions

    Fabric K  20cm Green Zig Zag                        

    Fabric L  60cm Navy Buttercups  

    Fabric M  20cm Taupe Posies                                    

    Fabric N  110cm Yellow Posies     

    Fabric O  55cm Navy Bella solid for Binding    


    Kit available here


    Pattern also available for immediate download here

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