Schmetz Embroidery Needles 90/14

SKU: SCG0706606
  • Description

    Quantity:  5 needles per pack

    Size: 90/14


    The EMBROIDERY NEEDLE is suitable for the problem-free embroidering with the sewing machine. It has a large eye for thicker threads, special effect or metallic embroidery threads (e. g. Lurex threads). It also has a small ball point. Larger eye and larger cross-section of the groove: For easier threading as well as gentle thread passage through eye and groove. Protective effect on embroidery thread: Prevents thread breakage.


    Optimised scarf: The special construction of the transition from the eye to the scarf reduces the risk of skip stitches. Small ball point: Avoids damages of the (already embroidered) embroidery thread and the fabric.


    Application: Embroidering with embroidery threads and effect threads using decorative techniques as well as the embroidering with the embroidery unit.

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