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Mystery Hexagon Quilt 2023 Introduction

Updated: Jun 4

This quilt along is now completed and the instructions are no longer free except for the introduction information below

This quilt can now be purchased as Veronica's Quilt 3

You can find it HERE

Welcome to the third Mystery Hexagon Quilt Along!

The last 2 Mystery Quilt Alongs were such fun and with lots of encouragement from all of you I have decided to create another.

As you know I love a Hexagon quilt as it's a great way to use my favourite fabric, I love its portability and that I can be anywhere and still be able to stitch!

Part 1 will be available on Monday 6th February 2023

A new part will be posted on the blog on a Monday every 4 weeks.

These posts are available for you to view for free.

There will be 12 Parts in total, with the last part about borders

Once again I will have available a printable PDF version of each post that you can purchase and download immediately on the website for $2 per post. There will be a link at the end of each post.

A new feature we are offering is a direct to your email service of each post.

You can sign up to receive your $2 PDF version by email.

With this service you will be sent a PayPal invoice the day before the scheduled post.

You can then pay the invoice and your PDF will be emailed to you directly on the day of the post.

This has been created especially for our International friends in Europe, but is available for everyone.

To sign up to this service send us an email using the contact us form with the subject PayPal service and we can set this up for you.

Quilt Size

You can make this quilt in any size hexagon as long as you use the same size hexagon throughout the entire quilt. We all have a favourite size we like to use and often already have lots of pre-cut papers.

The size of the quilt depends on the size of the Hexagon used.

The approximate finished size of the quilt without borders is listed for each hexagon size.

3/4 inch Hexagons 51 x 59 inches

1 inch Hexagons 68 x 74.5 inches

1 1/4 inch Hexagons 85 x 93 inches

1 1/2 inch Hexagons 102 x 112 inches

Hexagons and Supplies

You will need approximately 2045 hexagons in total for the entire quilt, however you will be able to reuse the hexagons so you will only need enough to be on the outside edges. I like to have about 500 on hand so I can be selective on where I will pull out my papers to re-use.

Fabric Requirements and Fabric Choices

I have provided quantities based on my colours - Cream, Gold, Blue, Purple and Dark Plum fabric.

Use your favourite fabric colours and create your own legend to replace my colours with your own.

I have created a guide for the Fabric Quantities for different size hexagons

These are approximations only as you may need more or less depending on your cutting, they have been calculated on total squares required.

The fabric quantities represent the total fabric required for each colour, for example you will need 90cm of cream fabric in total which can be made up of scraps, fat 1/4's or 8 Fat 1/8's if using 3/4 Hexagons

Other Requirements Needed

Sewline Fabric Glue Pen with Refills if you prefer to glue baste your hexagons.

Sewing Needles - There are various needles and thread available for English Paper Piecing.

I prefer to use a Clover Black Gold No.9 needle - applique/sharps or betweens needle.

Thread - My favourite thread is the 60wt Bottomline Thread in a neutral colour.

Wonderfil also have an 80wt thread which is now being used by EPP enthusiasts

Scissors- We love the Karen Kay Buckley scissors

Rotary Cutter- 28mm or 18mm Rotary cutter if using a Perspex Template to cut Fabric.

Australian made Appleyard Cottage Finger Savers- leather dots that stick to your finger and act like a thimble to protect your fingers

Clover Dome Threader - A safe way to store pre-threaded needles, have a needle ready to go at all times

Need any of these supplies? They can be found here. We are always happy to help with supplies so please feel free to give us a call or send us an email if you can't find what you are looking for.

If you would like to get an email notification each time there has been a post then sign up as a site member. There are instructions on how to become a site member already on the blog if you need help.

I hope you join us and sew along!

Don't forget to tag us #jcqmysteryqal

Cheers Veronica

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HI, just wondering whether your fabric amounts allow for 1/4 or 3/8 seam allowance? and I'm assuming that the fabric amounts don't include fussy cutting? thankyou


Debra Anger
Debra Anger
Jan 21, 2023

so looking forward to this one again the last 2 were fabulous and I was hoping you would do another I know there are many hexie quilts to make but I love a mystery!



Are you offering a fabric bundle?


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