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How to Applique with Fusible Web

Updated: Jun 4

Fusible web is a double sided fusible product that will melt when heated.

When placed between two pieces of fabric, the melting action of the fusible web causes it to fuse the two fabrics together.

There are many different brand names for fusible web such as Heat n Bond, Vlisofix, Printfuse or Steam a Seam just to name a few.

Well written patterns will supply you with all your applique pattern pieces separated and reversed as well as a layout guide.

Due to the steps required to use fusible web, your pattern pieces need to be in reverse to your finished layout pattern and have any overlap included in them.

fusible web patterns

I will go over the steps of using fusible web to create a simple flower. The same process applies to all fusible applique.

Requirements for this project

  • Scrap of orange fabric for the flower petals

  • Scrap of yellow fabric for the flower centre

  • Cream Background square of fabric to put the flower on

  • Mechanical pencil for tracing

  • Heat n bond

  • Iron set to medium heat (heat n bond setting)

  • Applique Mat

Step 1

Trace your applique shapes on to the paper side of the fusible web using your applique templates. I like to use a mechanical pencil as it gives me a fine line. I have labelled each piece so I know what it is. Pieces that are going to be fused to the same fabric can be traced close together. I have traced all the petals close together as they are going to fused to the orange fabric and the petal centre to the yellow fabric.

fusible web patterns

Step 2

Cut out the paper shapes about 1/8th to 1/4 inch bigger around the outside of the drawn line.

I have cut out around the entire group of petals and around my centre circle

fusible web patterns

Step 3

Place the rough side down on the wrong side of the fabric pieces. The drawn side should face up. Fuse in place with an iron.

Each fusible web product has different iron temperatures so check your iron setting before fusing in place

The first picture shows the right side of the fabric, the second the fused paper to the wrong side of the fabric

Step 4

Cut out each individual shape on the drawn line

fusible web patterns

Step 5

The flower pieces now have to be assembled. I like to do this using an applique mat or a piece of Baking paper such as Glad Bake.

Place the layout diagram on your ironing surface. Place the applique mat on top. You should be able to see the layout pattern though the mat. Peel off the paper backing of each petal before you iron to down on the the applique mat. The layout diagram shows where each petal is to be positioned.

We are going to temporarily stick the pieces on to the applique mat.

Use the iron to fuse each petal in place. Then place the centre circle in place and iron.

All the petals will now be stuck to the centre circle.

Wait for the piece to cool down then gently peel off the entire flower from the applique mat.

Step 6

Find the middle of the background square you are going to fuse the flower to.

Place the flower in the middle and fuse in place with your iron.

fusible web patterns

Step 6

Stitch in place to the background fabric

You can use a number of methods and stitches to do this.

Sewing Machine Method

Use a thread of your choice such as Rayon, Cotton or Poly cotton

  • Blanket stitch around the edges of the shapes

  • Zig Zag around the edges of the shapes

  • Straight stitch around the edges of the shapes

Sew by Hand

Use embroidery Floss or Perle Cotton to Blanket stitch or Whip stitch around each shape

fusible web patterns

Click on the link below for a free pattern with 2 different flowers for you to have a play with!

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