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Sewline Trio Colours

Sewline Trio Colours

SKU: 4989783070324

Fabric Marking Pencil

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  • Description

    A fabric pencil with a unique 360 degree rotating mechanism for 3-in-1 function.

    Trio Colors comes with 3 coloured lead pencil points, white, pink and black. Just turn the barrel to select your colour.

    The ceramic leads glide smoothly over fabric, leaving a nice clean line with no chalky residue. The special grip means it is comfortable to use with good control.


    When you wish to remove the marks, simply use a polymer eraser ( there is a small one under the lid) or the Sewline Aqua eraser.


    Convenient lead refill packs are available in a variety pack. 


    Tip: Only press lightly when marking with ceramic leads to ensure easy removal. Always patch test on a scrap of your fabric first.


    Watch a video by clicking here 


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