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Everything's Blooming by Erica Kaprow

Everything's Blooming by Erica Kaprow

SKU: EverythingsBlooming

30 Floral Wool Appliqué Quilt Blocks

  • Description

    Everything's Blooming by Erica Kaprow


    Popular quilt artist Erica Kaprow presents her whimsical designs in brilliant jewel colours that pop dramatically on a rich black background, with added embroidery embellishment using simple stitches. Plus, wool appliqué is easy to do and incredibly portable, perfect for on-the-go projects.

    Includes a 12-page instruction booklet and full-size patterns for 30 blocks and borders, printed on individual sheets.

    • Beautiful, simple to construct, and spectacular-looking quilt inspired by abundant flower gardens
    • For wool lovers, colour lovers and all flower lovers!
    • Perfect for a block-of-the-month club, wool appliqué class or a personal challenge

    12 pages

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