Raspberry Tea Quit Along Centre Square Block

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Completing the Centre Square was a little tricky as you are not provided with a full size layout in the pattern. The instructions require you to cut your square bigger and then trim it down once completed.

I created all my applique components and then layed them out to decided the stem lengths visually as this is not provided in the pattern.

Once I was happy with the look, I glue basted all my pieces in place ready for appliqueing.

At this stage I did not add the corner Thimble Blocks as they would not fit properly on the larger sized block. Once all the applique was completed I trimmed my block to size.

The corner Thimbles are required to be sewn together using the English Paper Piecing method and then when the papers were removed I glue basted the Thimble pieces in place ready for appliqueing to the background. I did this step after the block was trimmed to size as the corner pieces will now fit exactly in the corners. Each end of the Thimble corners are left open, not turned under, so they can be sewn into the seam allowance.

All the main components of the quilt have now been completed. I now have to decide what sashing, corner stones and border fabric I will be using.

Time to layout some blocks and start auditioning different fabrics.

I hope you are enjoying making this quilt as much as I am!

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