Raspberry Tea Quilt Along Tulip Applique Blocks

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

There are many ways to create applique blocks.

You can use the Raw Edge Fusible Web method or the Needle Turn Applique method.

I have chosen to needle turn applique my blocks and have stitched them by hand.

I like to use a very fine number 12 Bohin Needle and the 60 wt Bottom Line Thread.

I like to use the fusible stabiliser Polyfuse with this type of applique. I trace my design onto the non-shint side of the poly fuse and carefully cut the shape out on the line. I then fuse the shape (shiny side down) to the wrong side of my fabric and cut out the shape out a 1/4 inch bigger all around than the Polyfuse shape.

The seam allowance can be glue basted over so the shape is finished with all the edges turned and ready to be glue basted in place on your background fabric.

Alternatively you can use the Polyfuse shape as a guide for turning the fabric under as you stitch it to your background fabric.

Glue Baste method using Polyfuse

With both methods you use an applique stitch to stitch your shape to the background fabric.

For quick and easy circles I use Perfect Circles. These pre-cut circles are made with a Mylar Template Plastic that can ironed.

These are some of my favourite items that I use. All of these products can be found here

For more information on Raw Edge Applique and how to use Fusible Web follow the link to a You Tube Video here

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