Raspberry Tea Quilt Along Star Bright Block

Updated: Jun 2, 2018

I absolutely love Moda Fig Tree fabrics so I will be using a number of their fabric ranges to make my Raspberry Tea Quilt.

The first block I will share with you is the Star Bright Block. This is an English Paper Pieced Block and I am required to make 4 blocks.

The Papers you will need are the 8 Pointed Stars and Squares. Refer to your pattern for the paper sizes and background square size.

To cut the fabric for each of the paper shapes I placed the paper on the wrong side of the fabric, drew around the shape with a removable marking pen then cut the fabric 1/4 inch past the line. You can also cut multiple pieces at a time by fan folding the fabric.

I glue basted the fabric to the papers. You can stitch baste the fabric, however I like the tightness I get with glue basting. Place the paper on the wrong side of the fabric. Run a line of glue just inside the edge of the paper and then fold the fabric over. Glue all sides.

When gluing the papers I start and finish at the same place and glue in a clockwise direction. This is especially useful for the stars as the centre of the star tails will all be going in the same direction so you won't have a bulky centre.