Raspberry Tea Quilt Along Star Bright Block

Updated: Jun 2, 2018

I absolutely love Moda Fig Tree fabrics so I will be using a number of their fabric ranges to make my Raspberry Tea Quilt.

The first block I will share with you is the Star Bright Block. This is an English Paper Pieced Block and I am required to make 4 blocks.

The Papers you will need are the 8 Pointed Stars and Squares. Refer to your pattern for the paper sizes and background square size.

To cut the fabric for each of the paper shapes I placed the paper on the wrong side of the fabric, drew around the shape with a removable marking pen then cut the fabric 1/4 inch past the line. You can also cut multiple pieces at a time by fan folding the fabric.

I glue basted the fabric to the papers. You can stitch baste the fabric, however I like the tightness I get with glue basting. Place the paper on the wrong side of the fabric. Run a line of glue just inside the edge of the paper and then fold the fabric over. Glue all sides.

When gluing the papers I start and finish at the same place and glue in a clockwise direction. This is especially useful for the stars as the centre of the star tails will all be going in the same direction so you won't have a bulky centre.

All the tails for the star papers are facing the same direction

Layout your pieces so that your star tails are going in the same direction. I like to do this to ensure I am happy with the colour combination. It is easy to change fabric at this stage.

When sewing the papers together, sew the Star Papers in 2 groups of 4 and then sew the two pieces together. This helps line up the centres better. I always start in the centre and sew to the outside.

To sew the squares in the corners line up one edge first. Sew from the edge to the centre.

Bend the star over to sew the other side from the corner to the outside edge

When your block has been sewn together, spray with Best Press Spray Starch and then iron until it is completely dry.

While it is still warm carefully remove the papers, then press again.

Place dots of Baste It Glue on the wrong side of the shape, then centre on the background square.

Press in place. The Baste it glue is a temporary hold that will wash away.

The star can also be removed by gently pulling it away from the background if it is in the wrong position.

To finish I have appliqued the shape to the background square.

In the next tutorial I will talk about tucking in the tails on the stars when appliqueing.

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