Raspberry Tea Quilt Along Mini Elongated Block

My final block to be completed for this quilt has been the Mini Elongated Hexagon Block. These blocks use the Elongated Hexagon Papers.

English paper pieced, theses blocks take a while to piece together. The pieces are small and fiddly which is why after making my first one I left the remaining 3 to last!

Your quilting clips can help with this block to hold the small pieces while you sew.

As you can see I opted to sew 2 blocks on square and 2 on point, just to add a little interest to my blocks. You can sew them all the way they are shown in the book or add your own flare.

These blocks were great for using up all the small pieces of fabric left over from other blocks!

I have been asked about sewing order for English Paper Piecing, there is not a set order you should sew your block together as it is hand pieced. I do like to have the least amount of thread stops and starts as possible, however I still like my blocks to fit together as well.

For this block I made the cross in the middle. I find when joining the 2 halves together if I start in the middle and work out I get a better lined up centre than just sewing straight across.

I then added the pieces around this centre, along each edge as I would if I was sewing a Hexagon Flowers block. I then went back and sewed up all the vertical edges.

The Centre Square will be the last piece to be completed and then this quilt will be ready to be put together!

Happy sewing!

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