Raspberry Tea Quilt Along Finishing

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

All my blocks have been made for the Raspberry Tea quilt!

Now comes the fun part of trimming them all up to size. As you are aware all the background squares for the Applique and English Paper Piecing were originally cut oversized.

They now need to be trimmed down.

First find the middle of the design horizontally and vertically and finger press these lines

Place your 6.5 square ruler on your block. Place the 3.25 mark on the ruler on these finger pressed lines.

Trim up each side of the block rotating the block as you go. I placed my blocks on a rotating mat so it was easier to cut.

Trim up all your blocks this way.


I have cut all my sashing rectangles and frame for the centre square. I have started sewing on my sashing to my blocks. So I don't have to layout my quilt for placement just yet, I have sewn a sashing rectangle to the right side of every square. I opted to use the same fabric for sashing and for framing the centre square.

The last step will be putting it altogether which I hope to have completed before the end of this year!

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