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Part 8 Mystery Hexagon Quilt 2023

Welcome to Part 8 of our Free 2023 Mystery Hexagon Quilt!

All instructions will use the following Wildberry Creek fabrics by Andover

You should create your legend to replace your fabrics with my fabrics

Hexagon Requirements

You will need to make the following fabric Hexagons

114 Purple

Make 6 the following shapes below

Sew 3 Purple Hexagons together

Sew a row of 16 Purple hexagons

Use the diagram to sew the 2 shapes to the completed Part 7.

Sew on the row of 3 hexagon shape first, then the rows of 16 hexagons

Part 8 is now complete!

Click here to purchase a easy to print downloadable version of Part 8

If posting your progress on social media such as Instagram please tag us

#jemimascreativequilting #jcqmysteryqal as we would love to see your progress!

Part 9 will be available in 4 weeks.

Happy EPP sewing!

Cheers Veronica

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