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Part 1 Mystery Hexagon Quilt 2024

Welcome to Part 1 of our 2024 Mystery Hexagon Quilt!


Construction of this year’s quilt will be different from previous years.

We are going to start the quilt at the bottom and work our way up in rows.



All instructions will use the following Mercantile fabrics by Lori Holt

Create your own legend to replace your fabrics with mine.

fabric legend mystery hexagon quilt

Hexagon Requirements

You will need to make the following fabric Hexagons


22                    Blue   

22                    Aqua

22                    Gold

22                    Pink

22                    Green

22                    Red

12                    Navy

52                    Cream

Make Shape 1

There are lots of ways you can construct this first shape, this is how I constructed mine.


Start with the Green hexagon and sew 6 Aqua hexagons around the Green hexagon. 

Use the pictures below as a guide. Make 2 of these hexagon shapes.

Mystery Hexagon Quilt 2024

Join the two hexagon shapes together with a Navy hexagon as shown in the diagram.

Mystery Hexagon quilt 2024 - 3

Join 3 Green hexagons together twice as shown in the diagram.

Add a navy hexagon to one shape.

Add these Green shapes.

Add two Green hexagons to the bottom corners, one on each end.

Shape 1 is complete.

Repeat the same process for the following colour combinations.  A total of 6 shape 1.

Joining all the Shape 1 together

Join 2 Cream hexagons together.  Do this 5 times.

Use the diagrams as a guide and sew a cream set of 2 hexagons between the Shape 1 pieces.

Follow the colour order below to make the row

2024 Mystery Hexagon Quilt

Finishing off Part 1

Join 3 Cream shapes together 6 times

2024 Mystery Hexagon Quilt

Join 4 Cream shapes together 6 times

2024 Mystery Hexagon Quilt

Sew the sets of 3 and sets of 4 Cream hexagons to the top the row

2024 Mystery Hexagon Quilt
2024 Mystery Hexagon Quilt

2024 Mystery Hexagon Quilt

Part 1 is now complete!



Just a little housekeeping

Click here to purchase a easy to print downloadable version of Part 1

If you would like to get email notification when we post each part of this quilt please sign up as a site member. Otherwise just check back on the blog every four weeks for the next instalment.

Please do not put any part of these instructions or pictures on any website, blog page, social media site, or Pinterest. If you would like to share with friends please direct them to the Blog pages.

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Join our Facebook Group 2024 Mystery Hexagon Sew Along

We would love for you to share your progress!



Part 2 will be available in 4 weeks.   

Happy EPP sewing!

Cheers Veronica

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