Mystery Hexagon Quilt Part 7B

Updated: Apr 3

Welcome to the Part 7B of our Mystery Hexagon Quilt!

We will now make the final pieces to complete all of Part 7 of the Quilt

This fortnight we will be making 6 blocks

Hexagon Requirements

Colour Values Reference

D - Dark

M/D - Medium Dark

L/M - Light Medium

L- Light

You will need to make the following

60 Light Hexagons

72 Dark Hexagons

Tools Needed

Sewline Fabric Glue Pen

Sewing Needles


Follow the diagram below to assemble the block.

Each block requires the following

10 Light Hexagons, 2 for the centres and 8 for joining

12 Dark Hexagons for the Hexagon Flower

Sew a row of 6 Dark Hexagons around a middle Light Hexagon.

Do this twice. Then add 8 Light Hexagon to join the the two together

Make 6 Blocks in total

Joining Part 7B

Use the diagram below as a guide for joining these 6 Part 7B pieces to the Centre Part.

Watch the orientation of your quilt for placement.

Here is my quilt so far

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas!

See you in 2 weeks for Part 8 on 28th December 2020.

Part 8 will also be broken up into parts 8A and 8B over the Christmas period so we can all keep up and spend time with family!

Happy EPP Sewing!

Cheers Veronica

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