Mystery Hexagon Quilt Part 5

Updated: Apr 3

Welcome to Part 5 of the Mystery Hexagon Quilt.

We experienced some trouble with the blog pages not loading properly over the last couple of days. This issue has now been resolved. I hope no one was inconvenienced too much.

We have a big part to make this fortnight and we will be using our Medium Dark fabrics for the first time!

Hexagon Requirements

Colour Values Reference

D - Dark

M/D - Medium Dark

L/M - Light Medium

L- Light

You will need to make the following

72 Light Hexagons

12 Light Medium Hexagons

144 Medium Dark Hexagons

Tools Needed

Sewline Fabric Glue Pen

Sewing Needles


Follow the diagram below to assemble the block.

Each block requires the following

1 Light Medium Hexagon for the centre

6 Light Hexagons for row 1

12 Medium/Dark Hexagons for row 2

Make 12 Blocks

Sew a row of 6 Light Hexagons around a middle Medium Light Hexagon.

Then add another row of the 12 Medium Dark Hexagons

I used 2 different Light Fabrics for my blocks.

Joining Part 5

Use the diagram below as a guide for joining the 12 Part 5 pieces to the Centre Part

Removed all the Part 3 and Part 4 papers as your quilt will start to get heavy if you don't.

Here is my quilt so far.

I have had a number of emails about what my fabric colours are.

Lights - white/cream fabrics with a small print with a touch of gold here and there (in my middle so far)

Light/Mediums - pink, blue and green

Medium/Dark - Red various prints ( not sure if I am also going to add in a vintage purple)

Dark - Navy various prints

Don't forget to tag us #jcqmysteryqal #jemimascreativequilting

See you in 2 weeks for Part 6

Happy EPP Sewing!

Cheers Veronica

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