Mystery Hexagon Quilt Part 14

Welcome to the final Part of our Mystery Hexagon Quilt!

If your quilt is a sufficient size after Part 13, then congratulations your quilt is complete!

If you would like to add borders to your quilt this Part 14 will cover some different options for adding borders.

Option 1

Trim your quilt on all sides to make a rectangular quilt. How much you trim is up to you.

Before trimming remove all papers and open up all seam allowances on the outside hexagons.

Measure your quilt and add the appropriate size borders depending on your hexagon size.

You can add as many borders as you like.

You might like to try the following combinations

1/2 Inch Hexagons

A 3/4 inch finished border, then a 3 inch finished border

3/4 Hexagons

A 1.75 inch finished border, then a 4 inch finished border

1 inch Hexagons

A 2 inch finished border, then a 4.25 inch finished border

1.25 inch Hexagons

A 2.25 inch finished border, then a 4.5 inch finished border

1.5 inch Hexagons

A 2.5 inch finished border, then a 5 inch finished border

Option 2

You can fill in the gaps on the sides of the quilt to make the sides straight with half hexagons on the top and bottom and part hexagons on the sides.

You can do this by cutting up your hexagon papers, selecting fabric and EPP sewing in the pieces

You can then leave the quilt as is after creating edges for your quilt or add additional borders

Option 3

Applique the quilt top onto a border. To do this first remove all papers, leaving the edges turned under all the way around. I used a spray starch - Best Press- on my quilt before removing my papers. This ensures the turned under edges remain crisp for easy applique.

This is the method I used, so I will explain how I accomplished this.

I cut a border strip bigger and longer than I wanted the finished border to be.

I wanted my first border to be about 1.25 to 1.5 inches finished from the hexagon edge so I cut my border 4 inches wide.

Using a removable marker I drew a line 1 inch from the edge of the strip. I will use this line to line up my hexagons to keep them straight on the strip.

Starting with the middle of the strip and the middle of the quilt top I glue basted my hexagons to the strip. I like to use Roxanne Baste It Glue. I lined up the inside edge of the hexagon with the line. You can use pins or thread to baste instead of using glue

Using an applique stitch I stitched the hexagons to the strip.

I glued then stitched one side at a time leaving the corners until last so that I could miter the corners first before stitching the corners.

The sides of the quilt will overlap at the corners. Fold under one of the borders at a 45 degree angle and press with the iron. Stitch seam with an applique stitch. Turn over to the back and trim away excess fabric along the miter leaving a seam allowance.

Once all sides were sewn I trimmed my border to the size I wanted including seam allowance.

I cut my second Border at 4.5 inches and sewed it on with the sewing machine.

Here is my quilt completed! I pegged it on the line after I quilted it so you could get a better better picture in natural light!

I quilted it with an all over edge to edge Basket Weave pattern.

Now to bind and my quilt will be complete.

Thank you for participating in our Mystery Quilt Along, we hope you have enjoyed the journey with us! It was lovely to see people in Europe, the UK, Canada and the USA join us Aussies in making the quilt!

I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the different versions of this quilt on Instagram.

If you don't have Instagram but have Facebook I would love it if you messaged me a picture of your quilt though our Facebook Page. Alternatively you can email pictures to me through our contact us page.

I would then love to share these pictures with everyone on our social media!

Watch out for a new free EPP Quilt along starting in July, we hope you will join us again!

All parts of the quilt will be available on the Blog until the end of June 2021.

After this date the quilt will be available as a pattern for purchase as a paper pattern or a downloadable PDF.

Happy EPP Sewing!

Cheers Veronica

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