Mystery Hexagon Quilt Part 11

Updated: Apr 3

Welcome to the Part 11 of our Mystery Hexagon Quilt!

We are almost at the end of the Mystery Hexagon Quilt with only 4 more parts to complete!

We started with 17 parts, this included the introduction and the 2 parts each of rounds 7 and 8 to give us 17 parts in total!

The quilt is now in the shape of a hexagon. To turn the quilt top into a rectangle we will make four triangle shaped corners.

This fortnight we will be making the first row of each of the 4 corners.

These are the Hexagon blocks we will be making

Hexagon Block 1, Block 2, Block 3 single hexagon and Block 4 single hexagon as shown below

Hexagon Requirements

Colour Values Reference

D - Dark

M/D - Medium Dark

L/M - Light Medium

L- Light

You will need to make the following

36 Light Hexagons

24 Light Medium Hexagons

146 Dark Hexagons

Tools Needed

Sewline Fabric Glue Pen

Sewing Needles


Hexagon Block 1

Each block requires the following

1 Light Medium Hexagons

6 Dark Hexagons

Sew a row of 6 Dark Hexagons around a middle Light Medium Hexagon.

Make 24 hexagon blocks in total

Follow the diagram below to assemble Hexagon Block 2

Each block requires the following

3 Light Hexagons

Row 1 - Sew 2 Light Hexagons together

Row 2 - A Light Hexagon for the top

Sew the 2 rows together

Make 4 hexagon Block 2 in total

Follow the diagram below to assemble the hexagon blocks into 4 rows

Each Row requires the following Blocks

6 Hexagon Block 1, 1 Hexagon Block 2 and 6 single Light Hexagons

Watch the orientation of each row

Joining Part 11

Use the diagram below as a guide for joining these 4 Rows to the Centre Part.

Watch the orientation of your rows for placement.

These are to be added to the corners of the quilt.

It is easier for lining up the rows in the

correct place if you add the Dark hexagons to the top and bottom first.

Here is my quilt so far

I chose to make my hexagon block 1 with 2 different dark fabrics.

My light fabrics are also all gold fabrics. I have used this gold fabric as a light throughout my quilt.

See you in 2 weeks for Part 12!

If you would like to prepare in advance for Part 12 you will need the following

48 Light Hexagons

112 Light Medium Hexagons

16 Dark Hexagons

Happy EPP Sewing!

Cheers Veronica

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