Free Mystery Hexagon Quilt Part 4

Updated: Apr 3

Welcome to Part 4 of the Mystery Hexagon Quilt.

We have a nice easy section to complete this fortnight so if you have fallen behind or are starting the quilt late then this fortnight is a great opportunity for you to catch up!

Hexagon Requirements

Colour Values Reference

D - Dark

M/D - Medium Dark

L/M - Light Medium

L- Light

You will need to make the following

36 Dark Hexagons.

Tools Needed

Sewline Fabric Glue Pen

Sewing Needles


Follow the diagram below to assemble the block. Each block requires 3 hexagons.

Make 6 Blocks

Sew 2 hexagons together

Join 1 hexagon to the top

Joining Part 4

Use the diagram below as a guide for joining the 6 Part 4 pieces to the Centre Part

I haven't removed any additional papers at this stage

Here is is my quilt so far, I love seeing your quilts too. Feel free to post the on social media or in the comments section of this post.

Don't forget to tag us #jcqmysteryqal #jemimascreativequilting

If you are up to date with your quilt Part 5 will be a big one so if you would like to do some early preparation these are hexagons you will need for Part 5

72 Light Hexagons

12 Light Medium Hexagons

144 Medium Dark Hexagons

See you in 2 weeks for Part 5!

Happy EPP Sewing!

Cheers Veronica

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