Free Mystery Hexagon Quilt 2021 Part 9

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Part 9 of our 2021 Mystery Hexagon Quilt! We hope you are all making progress and enjoying the quilt!

Hexagon Requirements

Colour Values Reference

L Light

M/L Medium Light

M/D Medium Dark

D Dark

You will need to make the following fabric Hexagons

96 Light Hexagons

72 Medium Dark Hexagons

12 Dark Hexagons

Single Rosette

Make 12 of these blocks

Each block requires the following

1 Dark Hexagon for the centre

6 Medium/Dark Hexagons

Sew a row of 6 Medium/Dark Hexagons around a middle Dark Hexagon.

Rows of Hexagons

Make 8 rows of 9 Light Hexagons

Piecing Large Rows

Make 4

Each row requires

3 Single Rosettes

6 single Light Hexagons

2 rows of 9 Light Hexagons

Watch the orientation of each row

Use the diagrams below to attach these to the quilt top

Remove some of the Papers from Part 8 except any on the edges

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Part 10 will be available in 4 weeks

If posting your progress on social media such as Instagram please tag us