Free Mystery Hexagon Quilt 2021 Part 6

Updated: Jan 8

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Part 6 of our 2021 Mystery Hexagon Quilt!

Hexagon Requirements

Colour Values Reference

L Light

M/L Medium Light

M/D Medium Dark

D Dark

You will need to make the following fabric Hexagons

210 Medium Dark Hexagons

Use the diagrams below to attach Part 6 to Part 5

Sew all the Medium Dark Hexagons around the edge using the diagram below as a guide.

Remove all the papers from Part 5

If you would like to purchase a downloadable easy print version of this post then please click here

Part 7 will be available in 4 weeks

If posting your progress on social media such as Instagram please tag us

#jemimascreativequilting #jcqmysteryqal as we would love to see your progress!

Happy EPP sewing!

Cheers Veronica

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