Free Mystery Hexagon Quilt 2021 Part 11

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Part 11 of our 2021 Mystery Hexagon Quilt!

This is the final English Paper Piecing part of the quilt.

Hexagon Requirements

Colour Values Reference

L Light

M/L Medium Light

M/D Medium Dark

D Dark

You will need to make the following fabric Hexagons

44 Medium Light Hexagons

12 Medium Dark Hexagons

88 Dark Hexagons

The Final part of the quilt requires 4 Shaped Blocks

To make one shape you need the following

11 Medium Light Hexagons

3 Medium Dark Hexagons

22 Dark Hexagons

Sew the Hexagons in Rows using the diagram as a guide

Row 1 – 3 Medium Dark Hexagons

Row 2 - 7 Dark Hexagons

Row 3 – 11 Medium Light Hexagons

Row 4 - 15 Dark Hexagons

Sew all 4 rows together.

Use the diagram below to attach the 4 Part 11 shapes to the quilt

Remove all remaining Papers except any on the edges of the quilt until you decide on how you are going to finish off your quilt.

If you would like to purchase a downloadable easy print version of this post then please click here

If this is where you end your journey with us thank you for joining in!

If you would like to add borders to your quilt then the very Final Post Part 12 will be available in 4 weeks where I will provide some options for adding borders.

If posting your progress on social media such as Instagram please tag us

#jemimascreativequilting #jcqmysteryqal as we would love to see your progress!

Happy EPP sewing!

Cheers Veronica

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