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Updated: Apr 3

I love a Hexagon quilt as its a great way to use my latest bundle of fabric or to use my favourite left over fabric that I can't seem to part with!

I have created a new Hexagon Quilt and decided to present it to you in 16 Posts just to make it more interesting and to create a pattern that was not your traditional Grandma's Flower

Part 1 will be available on 7th September 2020 and a new part will be posted on the blog every 2 weeks.

You can make quilt in any size hexagon you like as long as you use the same size throughout the entire quilt. We all have a favourite size we like to use and often already have lots of pre-cut papers.

If you are new to English Paper Piecing Part 1 will cover the basics of cutting your fabric and stitching your hexagons together.


You will need approximately 1670 hexagons in total for the entire quilt, however you will be able to reuse the hexagons so you will only need enough to be on the outside edges. I like to have about 400- 500 on hand so I can be selective on where I will pull out my papers to re-use.

We have on the website Hexagon papers which can be found here

Fabric Requirements

I have created a guide for the Fabric Quantities and Quilt sizes for 6 different size hexagons

These are approximations only as you may need more or less depending on your cutting, they have been calculated on total squares required.

For example

1 inch Hexagons can be made with 2 1/2 inch fabric squares. You can usually cut 16 to 17 fabric 2 1/2 squares from a width of fabric (44 inches). So if you need 417 light Hexagons then you would need 26 to 27 fabric 2 1/2 strips which is about 175cm

The fabric quantities represent the total fabric required for each Value, for example you will need 1 metre of light fabric in total which can be made up of 4 fat 1/4's or 8 Fat 1/8's if using 3/4 Hexagons

Fat Quarter bundles, Layer Cakes, Jelly rolls and Fat Eighth Bundles are great places to start with fabric. These are a great way to start as you can usually easily add similar fabric to the range if need you need more.

We have on the website some wonderful pre-cut fabrics to start you off which can be found here

Note: Jelly Rolls (2 1/2 inch strip packs) will only be suitable for 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch and 1 inch hexagons.

Fabric Choices

Colour Value

I have provided quantities based on colour value- Light, Light Medium, Medium Dark and Dark fabric. This value change is required so that the pattern stands out. The fabric doesn’t have to be the same, it can be various prints of the same value

For Example

Light fabric could be made up of various different whites, off whites, creams, beige

Light Mediums could be made up of various different tans, light blues, light greens, greys, yellows, pinks etc

Medium Darks are your mid-range colours, no light colours just colours, blue, green, red, brown, pink, gold etc

Dark fabrics could be Navy, Black, Burgundy, Dark green, Dark blue, Dark grey etc.

Use 4 Colours

You could also use 4 different colours instead of colour value and this would also make the pattern stand out. You could use various prints in the colours you choose. Fat 1/4 and Fat 1/8 bundles are ideal for this.

For example

White, Pink, Red and Burgundy for a monotone look

Yellow, Pink, Blue, Purple

Cream, Tan, Pink, Chocolate

White, Grey, Red and Black


The pattern colours will be supplied in White, Grey, Charcoal and Black and each will have the corresponding colour marked

L Light

L/M Light Medium

M/D Medium Dark

D Dark

Requirements Needed

Fabric- See chart for quantities

Pre-Cut Hexagon Papers - Your choice of size, 400 papers is a good start.

Sewline Fabric Glue Pen with Refills

Sewing Needles - There are various needles and thread available for English Paper Pieing.

We prefer to use a Clover Black Gold No.9 needle - applique or sharps or between needle.

Thread - My favourite thread is the 60wt Bottomline Thread in a neutral colour. Wonderfil also have an 80wt thread which is now being used by EPP enthusiasts

Scissors- We love the Karen Kay Buckley scissors

Rotary Cutter- 28mm or 18mm Rotary cutter if using a Perspex Template to cut Fabric.

Need any of these supplies? They can be found here

We are always happy to help with supplies so please feel free to give us a call if you can't find what you are looking for.

I hope you join us and sew along!

Cheers Veronica

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