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Needle-Turn Applique Classes
Balimore Collage.png

Join us in making this beautiful 9 Block Baltimore Quilt.


Learn the basics of Needle Turn Applique.  You will learn how to stitch curved stems, leaves, circles and other shapes using the traditional applique stitch. 

Learn the glue baste method as well as traditional applique


This is a monthly class. There are 10 classes in total.
Classes are run on the first Friday of each month 10am to 1pm 

You can sign up over the phone or in person in store.

You will be provided with a full size A3 pattern and pattern pieces at every class.  At the final class you will also be supplied with instructions for putting your blocks together to complete your quilt top.

Already completed our Baltimore Quilt and would like to make more?  There are 9 new blocks available!

Fabrics and Supplies
A list of fabric and supplies required will be provided upon booking

All work done in class will be by hand, no sewing machines are required. 



$280 for all 10 Classes and Patterns

Class Time

10.30am to 1.30pm


Class Dates 

  • Friday 3rd February 2023

  • Friday 3rd March 2023

  • Friday 21st April 2023 (different due to Easter)

  • Friday 5th May 2023

  • Friday 2nd June 2023

  • Friday 7th July 2023

  • Friday 4th August 2023

  • Friday 1st September 2023

  • Friday 6th October 2023

  • Friday 3rd November 2023


Once started this program cannot be cancelled or refunded.
Missed classes cannot be made up however the pattern will be supplied for missed classes


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